Heaven Help Us!

Over the top personalities and mayhem ensue in this quirky comedy about life at church.  Rain (Courtney Harris) every so lightly introduces us to the church that she loves, a church that has been scarred a couple times recently with sex scandals involving the pastor. There’s a new pastor in place, but it’s pretty clear […]

Small Timers

Meet the criminally challenged. Three small-time crooks with dreams of hitting a big score just can’t seem to get anything right. But when they accidentally stumble across a priceless erotic statuette known as Caesar’s Phallus they find themselves on a whole new level of high-jinks and danger as they are pursued by a ruthless art […]

Beat Battle

A struggling producer dreams of winning a national beat battle contest to gain respect and possibly start a career as a producer. This is a Hip-Hop film in the vein of “8 Mile”, “Hustle & Flow” and even harkening back to the likes of “Beat Street”.