Graffiti – The Story of a Tagging Crew

The Invaders are a tagging crew, attending science high school. During the interval, in the school baths, they decide to write a train, but. Omar, a little pusher, hears the conversation secretly, He decides to make an anonymous report to police. The Invaders arrive at the train depot. As they begin to draw the wagons, police shoot the blitz. Only Thomas, the king, manages to avoid the capture, but during the chanting pursuit dies. This event is dealt with differently by friends. Particularly David closes himself and stops to go to school. In a day, after a morning to tag chaotic "rip king" for the city meets Silvia, his high school companion and Omar girlfriend. After that meeting Davide decides to return to life and he returns to school. At school he finds that the other Invaders have been able to get permission from the headmaster to arrange a party in memory of Thomas. Omar, supported by his group of friends, decides to ruin the party, but Silvia, who now feels strong sympathy for David, warns of her boyfriend's intentions. The two groups of boys face a fight in the streets of the city.

Genre: Drama