The Eve of Winter is a journey that follows not only the day of one girl, Dina, but also one day on earth.  It follows the old Celtic tradition in which one day, every year on the night of Halloween, also known as the eve of winter, demons are set upon the earth to collect more souls.  Traditionally, this is why people wear masks on Halloween, to scare the demons back to hell.   This year, like every year, the demons are wreaking havoc once again around the world, taking their share of sinners.

Our heroine, Dina, is continuing her own spiritual journey in which she is torn amongst a religious life with God, a life with spiritualism or a life of no belief at all.  She seeks counsel from her priest, her nun and her mother’s spiritualist and stumbles upon counsel from a mysterious man from whom she does not know.

Genre: Drama, HorrorThriller