Aussie Park Boyz: The Quest

Pep returns from America and is distressed to hear that his best mate, Cam is prize fighting for the dodgy nightclub owner Jemmy. The crunch comes when Cam throws another fight which causes Jemmy to lose a stack of money and Cam is worked over and thrown onto the street. It is now that he descends into a maelstrom of drugs and despair.

A further dispute with the sleazy Jemmy, sees Cam shot and left for dead in the outback but he dose not die. Boop and the aboriginal people who find him redeem Cam. Now he’s clean, he’s clear headed.. but he knows that he will never find peace until he can give his brother’s remain a decent funeral.

Pep and the boys are delighted when the Cam of old returns. They support Cam in his mission to find the skinkhead’s who murdered his brother and the correctly and reverently bury Cam’s brother’s remains.

But there is a complication! The uge Maori leader Vulcan has just got out of jail and rightly or wronghly blames Cam for his sisters death. Its war on the streets as Cam and the boys seek vengeance from the skinheads, whilts the Maori’s after Cam’s Blood.

Watch out as the newly rejuvenated Cam and the boyz sets about avenging his brother’s killers and dispatching the many gangs who stand in his way.


Genre: Action/Adventure