Shakespeare’s Diaries

Doctor Crispin Shakespeare is bored by his life in Stratford Upon Avon when he is suddenly called to the aid or an injured construction worker.

Crispin descends into an abandoned cellar to rescue his patient where he quickly stumbles across the lost diaries if his namesake, William Shakespeare who lived in Stratford some four hundred years ago.

All the world’s media descend upon the town and the tension builds as local people wait to hear the lost secrets of the Bard. It is a story that soon attracts the interest of the American Art thief, Arthur Kranz.

Surprised by his celebrity status, Crispin decides to use it to promote his own amateur stage show and heads off to the Fringe Comedy Festival in Edinburgh,accompanied by the glamorous American actress, Lucy Bernstein.

But Arthur Kranz is hot on his heels and determined to obtain the diaries for himself….

Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy,