Film Assist Flex Pay

Film Assist Flex Pay


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Here at Summer Hill Entertainment, we offer more guarantees for less out of pocket costs to our producers as compared to other options...
We guarantee the following:


  • North American Release on DVD with potential sales to Family Video, Redbox and Wal-Mart;
  • Release within one (1) year;
  • VOD Release with Guaranteed Platforms including Amazon, Google Play, Xbox. Other platforms possible include iTunes, Hoopla, Netflix, Hulu and Vudu among many others.
  • Foreign sales efforts via attendance at AFM, EFM and Cannes.
  • All Encoding & Lab Fees paid by us;

What is the Film Assist Flex Pay Plan?

Simply stated, Film Assist Flex Pay is a way for producers to fulfil their delivery obligations in an affordable easy payment plan.

Our FilmAssist Flex Pay program handles the following:

All of the above guarantees plus:

  • Dialogue List;
  • Add film to Distributor’s E&O umbrella insurance policy;
  • QC Report from a certified lab;
  • Title Search Report;
  • Reduce Marketing fee by $2,000;
  • Monthly Accounting;
  • Piracy Monitoring;

The out of pocket cost to you is only $199 a month (plus PayPal fees) for 3 years (total $7,160.00 net of fees).  It’s all automated simply and easily through PayPal.

The total value of items, services and discounts is over $10,000! Plus, with smaller marketing fees, your film may recoup its release costs faster.

If you require further information, please contact Ted Chalmers at 480-535-8713 or by email at ted@