Please check for pre-order availability as they tend to list titles first, between 60-30 days before the release date.
Where a film is released are subject to prerelease, sales orders and may or may not include:,,,, and various retail outlets.
Various streaming platforms such as, Microsoft/Xbox, Google Play, iTunes, Vimeo, Film Zone, Punchflix, Binge Horror, Screambox, and many, many, more. The schedule for digital releasing of your film is variable and set by the distribution company handling your title.
We may not know about every platform on which your film will be released as that information is subject to our distribution partners reporting to us. Additionally, not every film releases on every platform. and there are a myriad of reasons why. We, and our distribution partners, are doing our best to get as much exposure as possible for your film.
Our licensers sometimes create their own art. We always try to get a copy from them, but there may be limitations on how that art can be used.

* Please note, all release dates are subject to change although they rarely change once the title is available for pre-sale.