Choices: I Won’t Let Go

Choices: I Won't Let Go draws you into perspectives and priorities. It's about love and hate, the difference between hope and despair. Angel Whitecloud (a key character), "We all have to live with our choices... I believe it would help me find some answers". This controversial film begins as a light-hearted story about school life, then takes an unusual turn by reaching into the past to address an epidemic that impacts millions of people from many walks of life every year. Based on actual events, the surprising story takes a bold and innovative approach to resolve a crisis relevant to all ages and groups. In her first starring role, the refreshing performance by Grammy Award winner Linda Davis is made even more memorable when she punctuates the film’s theme Choices with the debut of her powerful new song during the final scene – leaving all to wonder “who is the ‘I’ in I Won’t Let Go of Your Hand?”

Genre: Drama