3 Tails: a Mermaid Adventure

Beloved by millions of YouTube fans, Emily, Selena and Jackie – known as The3Tails – risk it all and discover that there’s much more to being a mermaid than just enjoying their ‘special gift’. With courage and determination, they go on a perilous journey to save themselves and their friends, and on this journey of adventure and discovery, they come to realize that there is a greater behind their special powers: the commitment to become ambassadors to raise awareness for clean oceans and a safer environment for all its creatures.

With stunning underwater photography by Andres Garreton, a wonderful cast, including Maggie Wheeler (FRIENDS), Johnny Littlefield (BEOWULF), Meredith Scott Lynn (LEGALLY BLONDE), this film will delight and educate the entire family on the importance of caring for our oceans and the environment.

Genre: Family