Strangers at the Door

A family's peaceful evening takes a horrifying turn when three men in masks and hoods break into their house and take them hostage. When they offer the home invaders to take anything they want, one of them reveals the true reason their house was chosen. The reason: one of the intruders, Victor, has a personal vendetta against John, the father of the family, for having an affair with his wife who, after being confronted by her husband, took her life and the life of their young son. This is not revealed until half way through the film, but until then, the family believes they were simply the targets of a robbery. They are caught by surprise. The intruders terrorize the family. The family attempts to figure out a way to escape or remain alive. The two other intruders, Marco and Ian, believe that they are breaking into this home for money and valuables as well and do not discover Victor’s true motive until they see him remove his mask, reveal himself to John, and let him know that he is going to make him suffer and watch him die.  

Genre: Drama, Suspense, Thriller