Southern Chillers

It opens with the story, Stalked, an unsuspecting woman goes about her normal night routine not knowing that her every move is being watched by a stalker.Then it leads into the next story, Who Are You?, when five strangers are invited to meet by Dr. Stills, they all come to realize they're not strangers at all.Followed by, The Kids, Trisha is asked to babysit two kids, not knowing that they have some evil plans in mind for their babysitter.Then, Ladies Night, Tabitha is determined to help Mattie with her first time, no matter what the cost may be.That leads into, Surrender, three convicts escape to a nearby warehouse only to find that they're not the only ones there.And to conclude we end with the story, Dead End Highway, A father drives out to the middle of nowhere to bury the man who killed his daughters, but finds out it's worth more trouble than he thought.And throughout the movie glimpses of Dead End Highway has been shown through the transitions of one story to the next.

Genre: Horror, Thriller