Nazi Dawn

Six sorority girls escape to the desolate countryside for a weekend getaway. There, they will stay at the ancestral home of their token geek legacy pledge, Dawn…. But, unbeknownst to them, an evil force from World War II is waiting for them. Dawn’s great-grandfather, it turns out, was a notorious Nazi murderer. He was known to torture his victims for no apparent reason… before killing them. This dark family secret has been hidden for decades, even from Dawn herself… Until now. A séance will awaken the spirit of the Nazi Killer, who will possess his descendant’s body… There will be a new Dawn… A Nazi Dawn… She will take over, where her great grandfather left off… and take the lives of her sorority sisters… and their male guests… one by one… Poor Dawn. She just isn’t herself today…. NAZI DAWN!!! Let the bloodshed begin!!!

Genre: Horror