Apocalypse: Day One

Described as “a rare gem” by IndyRed.com, The Odyssey of Destiny is a post-war romance set in an authoritarian society. This allegorical epic from director Brent Hoover follows Christian (Zach Pappas) and Jen (Katelyn Farrugia) struggling to survive in the aftermath of a ruthless war. Christian is a Renegade soldier longing for peace and the son of the famed Liberator. Jen is an orphaned nurse desperately trying to save children. When the two soul mates are trapped together, their lives are forever entwined.


An international union has risen to power: the Continental 10. Under the control of The Magistrate, the world unites for global peace. Determined to protect his loved ones, Christian takes up his father’s legacy as the Liberator to ensure the survival of his people. However, he uncovers the horrific nature of humanity and realizes his preconceived notion of “good and evil” is not as it seems.

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction