Vista Street

Vista Street library of action films:

Sore Losers

Hot rod juvenile delinquents and amazons from outer space have come
to Memphis, TN to kill hippies.
“1st Place Feature” 1997 Central Florida Film Festival

“Who could complain … with a topless catfight in an electric chair?
With Laser zaps, some good morphing FX (for a change), … and excellent
stripper scenes… all the female stars have topless or nude scenes.”
Michael Weldon

Available en Espagnol


Game of Survival art

of Survival
In this action-packed story, Zane, a young rebel warrior
from another planet, is transported to Earth for an assignment of galactic
importance. His mission: to compete in a deadly game of survival against
six of the most brutal warriors in the universe.

 Death Run to Istanbul art

Run to Istanbul
A white slavery ring run by “The Committee”
kidnaps the sister of a former police lieutenant. The hunt is on!–with
plenty of fights, chases and romance–that leads him into the dark and
dangerous underworld of international crime.

Dr.Ice art


“Action-packed suspense thriller!”

Renowned homicide detectives are summoned to Las Vegas
to investigate a series of bizarre murders. Brooks and Wade must settle
their own differences from the past before they can solve the murders
that lead to Dr. Ice.

 Flight to Danger art

to Danger
Five beautiful international models with martial arts
skills return from a competition with a package that without their knowledge
contains computer disks with government secrets. Spies determined to get
the disks pursue the girls to a fight-filled finale.

 High Kicks art

Sandy Thomas opens an aerobics studio but before she
can reap the profits a gang of thugs terrorizes her. Sandy vows vengeance,
learns karate from a martial arts champion, and together they take on
the gang.

Human Prey art

Human Prey

A Los Angeles psychiatrist, Dr. Dorn, bends the rules
of human behavior in the interest of street justice, turns vigilante,
and begins hunting down his patients as “human prey.”




 Crack Up art

Crack Up

Three down-and-out friends decide to rob a crack
and make off with a pile of drug money. They successfully get over half
a million dollars, but two obnoxious newscasters set the drug dealers
on their track and an army of cold-blooded killers arrive for an unforgettable,
apocalyptic shoot-out

 Narcotic Justice art

Narcotic Justice

Detective Joe Average is faced with the mysterious
and unexplainable murder of the daughter of Paris Martel, a high-stakes
drug dealer. As you would expect, the investigation goes deep into the
underworld of crime and leads to big trouble.


 Revenge Quest art

Revenge Quest

It’s the year 2031 and Los Angeles’ most violent serial
killer has escaped from a maximum security prison on Mars. The only thing
that will satisfy him now is to get the girl who put him there. Keeping
her safe won’t be easy!


 Street Angels art

Street Angels

Frank Adams, an undercover homicide detective, recruits
a team of topnotch female martial artists to infiltrate the blood-filled
streets of Los Angeles…and stop dead the “Phantom” once and
for all.


 Street Vengence art


A drug dealer swears to avenge his brother’s death,
and an old fashioned showdown ensues between underworld drug dealer and
undercover detective. Which will triumph–street justice or street vengence?


 Urban Combat art

Urban Combat

An anti-government militia led by a beautiful, sadistic
woman plans to blow up a federal building. Three gorgeous women are captured,
not secretaries as thought, but highly trained FBI agents, who have to
race against the clock to save hundreds of lives!