Zoo owners Dr. Jill Sikes and her husband Dr. Frank are in the process of trying to have their pandas Juju and Jojo mate and bear offspring, unfortunately their plans go disrupted. This panda mating was quite important to Jill and Frank; their financial future depended on it. The situation with Juju has brought Frank to turn to an old university acquaintance Dr. Stella who has previous experience with breeding animals. Unknowingly to Jill and Frank, Dr. Stella is secretly working on cloning a dinosaur and plans to use Juju as the host; but something goes wrong. A quickly growing mixture of panda and dinosaur, a pandasaurus tears itself free from inside Juju and quickly escapes, hiding itself in the sewer lines of the zoo. It’s not long before patrons in the zoo start turning up dead.

It is up to Dr. Stella and zoo owners Jill and Frank to capture the animal and save their zoo. As they hunt the pandasaurus it quickly becomes clear that they are in over their heads; and that not only do they have a killer pandasaurus on their hands, but one with babies as well. The future of the zoo is no longer the only thing at stake, the future of humanity is as well, because should the babies grow to maturity it won’t be long before man is at the bottom of the food chain.

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