First String

In a story of love, science and music a creative 14 year-old cellist, Aleksandrya ‘Aleks’ Landis, competing for the Gold Pin award and a guest chair in a prestigious symphony, faces obstacles from an oppressive maestro, more competent string players, and her own skeptical parents. On a cold winter day, Aleks struggles to get to rehearsal. She arrives late, but offers to stay late and make up the time. Her maestro, rather than being sympathetic, berates her and closes the door on her. On her way home, Aleks joins a busker in a special duet, and has an innocent, romantic encounter with a classmate, Andreas. Aleks’s parents remind her of the sacrifices they have made to pay for her cello lessons. Aleks informs her parents that she would be just as content playing in a rock band. A parallel group of young musicians is exemplified by the story of a 10 year-old violinist, Giovanni. While in Italy visiting the Museo del Stradivari, Giovanni meets a wise woman, Evelina, brilliantly acted by Domenica C. Scorsese. Giovanni also experiences a vision of Antonio Stradivari, seen in an amazing flashback laboring over his instruments. Evelina inspires Giovanni with stories of her great grandmother, an educator and America’s first female luthier. In flashbacks from 1929, her great grandmother is seen organizing a science fair and building string instruments. What transpires on the day of Aleks’s big audition will long be etched in the minds of everyone involved.

Genre: Drama, Family

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