Monthly Archives: November 2011

Big Heist, The

  The Big Heist is a BIG URBAN COMEDY! It revolves around the life of three amateur crooks, ANTOINE, CHRIS, and RICARDO. They strive to make it BIG in the criminal world with the perfect score. Antoine struggles with the fact that his life is mediocre. He thrives on making a name for himself but […]

Ritual, The

  When a group of med students at a prestigious university go to take their final exams, they find themselves subjects of a twisted and bloody Satanic ritual led by their professor, Dr. Szandor, who is trying to evoke evil spirits with sinister results. It’s up to two of the students to save the whole […]

Left 2 Die

  They say when a teenager goes in the woods, there’s always bloody murder, especially if the woman is beautiful and sexy. Based on a true story of the serial killer Freddy Palmer, this is more than an urban legend. Freddy as a child, witnessed his parents murdered by three robbers dressed in clown masks. […]